Tuesday, May 10, 2011

{Tangled Birthday Party}

Emmie turned 5 years old..... aaagh, my baby!

She reminds me all the time that she gets to go to Jakes school now, she says..
"Mom? tomorrow I can go to Jakes school?"..... everyday.

She really wanted a friend party.... I gave in. I've tried the friend party before and it completely stresses me out, I don't know why? Having a million hungry, hyper kids all at once, in my little homethat is very loud because of the wood floors is a little crazy, so I called in the calvary to help...

Thank you Kathy and Lynds for helping me!!!

Taylor drew a big tower for the girls to color and she requested a tower for a cake. I thought it turned out perfect!

Party favors and slap the pan on Flynn Rider... of course!

{Missing... Fynley, Em's BFF}

She wanted everyone to make their own crowns...

They are all so cute!!


Alison said...

HOLY COW CUTEST IDEAS EVER! Nice work Kim! Happy Birthday to teh baby of the family!

Janeal said...

That's so cute! I especially like the slap the pan on Flynn game.

Katy said...

That is adorable! What fun things did you do with the loooooong hair? I love the rower cake and the lanterns.